Update on my personal journey

The Three Levels of Mind is not well known outside of those who undergo Janovian Primal Therapy, In this blog I write things that may seem strange, or are not part of the narrative spoken by the general population. In that regard I think it is time to update the process that I have gone through that enables me to write from a different reality – a reality that is ultimately available to all humans, provided we are not traumatized in childhood.

There are quite a number of factors that came together that enabled me to stay the journey that went deep into my feelings and sensations. The cognitive reality I lived with for 55 years of my life was super-ceded by a reality based on my feelings and sensations. They are two entirely different realities.

Money It takes money to travel from Australia to Los Angeles and stay there for two years while undergoing therapy and training. After thirty years of marriage I divorced and used my share of the accumulated assets to fund the process.

Time Many people struggle with making time for the therapy. I was on the verge of suicide and very unhappy with my life, so at age fifty I devoted the time to try and turn my life around. Living the way I was, was not an option.

Desire for a better life. The therapy becomes painful and the amount of it is unbelievable – it just keeps coming. There were times when I felt like quitting but I intuitively knew that if I walked out the door my physical body may well survive, but my ‘sole’ would be dead. The thought of continuing to live with a dead soul was unbearable.

Circumstances I went to Los Angeles in 2004 for two months and again in 2005 for two more months. After returning to Perth in 2005 I intended to buy a house but while I was away house prices had sky-rocketed, and I was not able to buy in. At that stage I knew how beneficial Primal Therapy was, so I decided to invest my remaining savings in going back to Los Angeles and train as a therapist. If I had bought a house and found a partner I may have got comfortable with life and not continued my Primal journey.

Openings into a different reality Through-out the early part of my seeking, when I had spent money and time, I often felt I was getting no-where. Then I started to experience a type of euphoria, only lasting seconds initially, but gradually increasing to minutes. While I was experiencing these phenomenon I remember thinking this must be the state of mind I was looking for, and if I can access them for a few minutes, then what does it take to have access to them at will. The answer was to clear out the primal pain and these euphoric and loving feelings are a common and natural part of my life. The time and money I spent has come back to me tenfold in the form of a soul that is truly alive and well.

The right zone Francis Janov said that the people who do best in therapy are the ones who can understand how the therapy works and can use that to advantage. I was fortunate to fall into that zone. Some people are highly emotional and distraught and so are above the feeling zone. Others are so depressed and lack any access to feeling at all that they are well below the primal feeling zone. Also some people have so much pain that they can’t stand the experience. Then there are many millions of people in the world who struggle through the daily grind of life, not aware that life could be so much better.

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