The Nature of Love

Love is a largely misunderstood concept. Within psychology it is generally regarded as too esoteric and subjective in nature to be regarded as anything approaching objective. The study of psychology involves the use of cognitive mind only. Emotions are discussed but emotions and feelings are different things. There is no requirement to actually experience the other two levels of mind, the feelings and sensations. With all mental disorders it is generally accepted that our very clever cognitive mind will eventually sort out humanities problems.

But Janovian Primal Theory knows that Love is the only way to real mental and physical health. Love is the force within the brainstem sensations that keeps humans bonded and healthy. My own journey down through the three levels of mind has lead me to the very seat of Love. From my perspective, Love is no longer esoteric, but a very objective force that gives my life the awe and euphoria beyond my wildest dreams. I now see psychology as the subjective entity, in the fact it is a bunch of theories that are not doing much to stem the tide of mental disorders.

Love in its pure form, when it is not suppressed because of Primal Pain, is all the spiritually that humans need. In this present day and age, when all our universities and teaching establishments only engage the cognitive mind, they leave behind the most valuable assets of being human, which are the feelings and sensations.

Religion says that God is Love, or Love is God and that we need religion to supply our moral underpinnings. But Love is a powerful force that is inherent in all humans, regardless of religious belief, or any other belief for that matter. Love is the feeling that gives humanity its moral code to live by. I would also add that Love was necessary during human evolution; as important to successful human evolution as feathers are to birds, and speed and sharp claws are to the big cats. In John Lennon’s words, imagine a world without the dogma and fundamentalism of religion but filled with Love. Love is all there is, Love is all there is, Love is all there is.

Many people from all parts of the world have developed ways of addressing their need for spirituality. If we are not Loved in the full meaning of Love as children, then that part of us that some describe as the ‘soul’ seems unfulfilled or something is missing in life. When I was suffering severe depression I explored the alternative and esoteric healing options. People were looking for spirituality, nirvana, euphoria, etc, but I can’t remember anyone looking for Love as a means to understanding the drudgery that was life for them. After I had spent many years in Primal Therapy I started to feel the power of Love, and then I knew that Love was really what everyone looking for. If we are Loved as infants then we can spend our time here on earth just enjoying the awesome journey with Love as our constant companion.

Birds without feathers and big cats without speed and sharp claws would soon become extinct, just as humans without Love are heading down the path to extinction.

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