The power of the brainstem

The current mental health paradigm is dominated by the believe that the prefrontal cortex, which contains our thinking or cognitive mind, is the strongest part of the human brain. Therefore most of the scientific, and also general community, believe some or all of the following.

A. Drugs are the key to balancing the chemicals in a dysfunctional brain.

B. Faulty genes are the cause of many diseases, and genetic engineering will solve a lot of humanities problems.

C. We can use self talk such as cognitive behavioural therapy and positive psychology to train a wayward brain, without giving any thought as to why the brain is wayward in the first place.

D. Doctors treat patients as purely physical entities using physical solutions, mostly with drugs and operations.

E. We have education systems that cater to the intellect only.

F. The psych profession infer that we have hundreds of different mental disorders. The DSM V (the book of symptom analysis) is thicker than a lot of phone books.

G. G is for God. Most religious people agree that there is only one God, but have developed hundreds of ways of interpreting that God.

H. Disagreements between conflicting political and religious belief systems can be solved by bombing and shooting the opposition into submission and/or oblivion.

I. We spend billions of dollars annually in trying to find cures for the vast array of physical and mental disorders that the human race suffers from.

This blog is written from the understanding that the brainstem, which produces sensations of love, is by far the most powerful area in the human brain, and it dominates the reasons why we humans behave and think the way we do.

Love is a function of the brainstem sensations, and when it flows freely upward through the limbic system and prefrontal cortex, it creates and maintains a healthy human, both physically and mentally. Love itself is an energy or vibration that can be felt as a resonance throughout the whole body.

Of course, when we suffer from primal pain, the need for pain repression also represses the flow of love – hence the body and mind becomes sick in some way.

What is not so well known about the brain stem sensations (and love) is that it has its own type of intelligence that is designed to keep the human body and mind as healthy as possible. It is not the same intelligence we experience from the prefrontal cortex, as sensations need to be a felt experience to gain the knowledge they possess.

When the power of love and its generating processes at the level of the brainstem are scientifically proven a new paradigm will emerge which will look something like this.

A. Drugs may have some useful purpose in the future, but they will always play an almost insignificant role in the human brain and body when compared to the power of love to keep a body healthy.

B. Ditto with genetic engineering.

C. Ditto with talk therapies.

D. Doctors will still need to treat physical complaints, but with the understanding that the underlying cause is a lack of love (or a sick soul).

E. Education systems will evolve that have a balance between teaching academic and feeling subjects, and how feeling is the most important aspect of being human.

F. The psych profession will realise that we have only one cause of disease, (lack of love) but it creates a phone-book size list of symptoms.

G. Religions will have to give their power over to True Love, because love contains within it a deep spirituality. There cannot ever be hundreds of versions of love, because we all evolved with the ability to love. At the level of the brainstem humans are all the same. So we will not be religious, agnostic or atheist – we will all be classed as humans capable of love.

H. Differing beliefs and ideas can be discussed within an energy of love. No-one will start a fight or war because no belief or idea is worth dying for. Love is very much worth living for.

I. Research dollars will not be needed because when we become a loving species  we will all be a lot healthier naturally.

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