Many people who commit suicide appeared to have everything to live for. They had an apparently loving family, good friends and a steady job. And yet they still decided to opt out from this life.

The nature of suicide confuses many people, including those in the psyche professions. The following is a statement written by such a professional on his blog.

and of course there are no answers , or at least none that will ever be big enough or complete enough to ever really understand each person’s unique grief and pain that led them to their final decision”.

The above statement is a view of the problem from the 3rd level (cognitive) part of the brain only. To get the ‘big enough or complete enough answer’ as to why people want to kill themselves, one needs to have experienced the three levels of mind. The force that generates suicide, and suicidal feelings, is a function of the 1st level of mind – the sensations.

At this level imprinted pain and grief from an unloved childhood produces sensations that have the power to over-ride any rational thinking that the 3rd line can produce. In the same way most people can’t fix depression and anxiety by positive thinking, suicidal thoughts can dominate a sufferer’s mind to the point where they succumb to the awfulness of there feelings. They cannot stop the old pain from surfacing, such is the balance of power between the 1st and 3rd levels of mind.

Suicide represents the final solution to the horror we as a culture too often inflict on our children. When someone suicides what they are saying is “This life or realm that I am living in is far too painful and I would rather be dead than suffer my inner torture”. I use the word ‘realm’ to explain the situation that myself and other people I know personally have found themselves in. We didn’t really want to die as such, we just wanted to go to another place where there was no pain.

Now I realise what I really wanted was to live in a realm this was filled with love.

Pure love is a feeling that gives a deeper meaning to life – a joy and happiness that comes from being in love with life itself. When we have primal pain, access to these painful feelings need to be blocked so that they don’t overwhelm the cognitive brain, and within the brain this blocking of pain also blocks access to our loving feelings. That is why depressed and suicidal people say they can’t feel much at all.

Looking at the human brain from it’s three levels of functioning, we can see that people can outwardly ‘have it all’ in a cognitive way (money prestige friends etc.) but can still be carrying extreme amounts of pain at the 1st level. Understanding this process will also give us the understanding of why people suicide.

That is one reason why undergoing Primal Therapy is so important. Only when a person experiences the power that the 1st level of consciousness holds over feeling and cognition will they receive the knowledge of how the brain actually works. My own battle with suicidal feelings and then undergoing Primal Therapy has given me that knowledge. I must stress that this knowledge can only be gained by experience and not through intellectual understanding and study.

When I hear professors’ talk about suicide in an intellectual way, I shake my head in disbelief, and think of this and future generations that are doomed to suffer because, as a species, we do not understand the  brain from its three distinct levels of functioning.

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