How three levels of mind explains many human experiences

The understanding that the human brain has three distinct levels of consciousness can explain many of the unusual spiritual experiences that humans are capable of having.

For example the following is a newspaper report on a near death experience.


Sharon Stone claims she is no longer afraid of dying after her own ‘journey beyond.’ Stone,58, said she saw a ‘great vortex of white light’ during a near death experience following a brain haemorrhage. She was ‘met by some of my friends who had died – people who were very dear to me.’ She then returned to her body with a ‘whoosh.’

‘It affected my life so profoundly that it will never be the same.’ she told Closer Weekly magazine. I get not to be afraid of dying and to tell other people that it’s a fabulous thing.’ When death comes, it’s beautiful. I had an incredible sense of wellbeing…..

Sharon had a brain haemorrhage (the article doesn’t say where in the brain) but I assume it made her go unconscious. If the haemorrhage was in the right place in the brain, her top level ‘thinking’ brain could go offline, but leave the lower levels, especially the brainstem sensations, intact and functioning.

We don’t bond to people through our top level ‘thinking’ brain, we bond at the two lower levels that deal in feelings and sensations. Love is a sensing/feeling experience, and not a ‘thinking.’ When Sharon’s thinking brain went offline it left her to experience her sensations and feelings, where memories of those close to her are stored. The feeling was so ‘fabulous’ that Sharon thought she must have met them in Heaven.

I propose that she was experiencing the memories and the love that is a function of the brainstem. This is an important point because the brains state of pure love is one that we could be living with in our present lives. IMAGINE (from John Lennon) how different the world could be if we all operated from this loving state of mind.

(To more fully understand the principles involved in this article you may need to read my early posts that explain the three levels of consciousness and how PRIMAL PAIN keeps us from our loving state of mind).

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